Minimalist magnetic soap door.

Ideal for solid soaps and shampoos.

Easy and fast installation

Practical and mobile: fixing without glue or drilling

Economical: your soap dries on all surfaces

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4,58 €

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Ideal for solid soaps and shampoos.

Your washbasins and bathtubs edges remain clean, your soaps do not disaggregate in the humidity.

Quality made in Germany.

The minimalist magnetic soap holder will put order and lot of style in your zero waste bathroom.




 - Minimalist: your soap is like in levitation, in the shower, sink or bathtub. Soap holder is almost invisible.

 - Practical and mobile: Fixes without bonding nor drilling and moves at will with a suction cup

 - Economic: Soap dries on all surfaces. No standing water or deposits, for longer and more enjoyable use



1- Place the suction cup on the chosen place, making sure this is clean and dry as well as the suction cup. Press strongly to position it.

 2- Squeeze the cranked capsule into the soap in its center.

 3- Enjoy !


During initial use, drag the soap when you detach it from the support rather than pull it (to prevent the capsule from coming out).

 After about 8 hours, the toothed capsule becomes one with your soap even very dry.



The minimalist soap holder trendy zero waste is not a toy; do not leave in the hands of young children: risk of ingestion of small parts.



Item consisting of 2 parts:

- a suction cup containing a powerful magnet

- a cranky capsule to be inserted into the soap.


Suction cup diameter: 3,5 cm / Winch height + magnet: 1.5 cm

Capsule diameter: 2,2 cm / Height of capsule: 0.5 cm


Sold in bulk, without packaging.

To be fixed on a smooth surface (not rough)


Supports soap from:

- 150 g: in all positions

- 300 g and more: to the horizontal (suction cup fixed on a horizontal plane)

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