Raw sheabutter organic fairtrade

Content : 100g minimum

Glass jar with compostable labels and certified compostable adhesive

Origin : Guinea

Botanical Name
Butyrospermum Parkii

Extraction method
Traditional hand pressed

Cosmetics : Face, body, hair

Hydrates, regenerates and feeds

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INGREDIENTS : Butyrospermum Parkii (sheabutter)

Content : 100g minimum

Origine : Guinea

Traditional hand pressed preserving properties of raw sheabutter

Organic and fairtrade from responsible origin certified by ECOCERT Guinea


Raw sheabutter comes from plateaus of High Guinea below the mountainous chain of Fouta Djalon and benefits from the alluvia brought by the Tinkisso River, tributary of Niger, which takes its source there.

This combination of climate, soil nature and geographical location allows the shea tree of the plateaus of High Guinea to produce a fruit with the exceptional content of 75% oil.

In order to preserve its virtues and to restore you intact sheabutter: sheabutter is not refined, neither deodorized, nor bleached and without preservative.
This sheabutter is Premium: fresh and manufactured during the current year.
This guarantees the quality and the conservation of its properties, vitamins,…

Objectives in Guinea
- To set up a structure which allows accompanying sheanuts collectors
- To ensure the traceability of the products at each stage of the production
- To provide the hardware requirement to the production
- To build zones dedicated to the biological and faitrade production (drying and storage zones)

- To commit on a purchase price higher than local market
- To set up a development fund to perennialize the activity and to allow a medical and social improvement

Beurre de karité équitable - filière responsable

Fairtrade sheabutter - from responsible sourcing

Emballage biodegradable

Biodegradable and compostable can out of cane sugar pulp

Label in paper

PETA - Savonnerie Aubergine

Affiliated PETA, Not tested on animals


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